Product Information
Group Plans MetLife Loan and Life Suraksha
MetLife Loan & Life Suraksha plan is a group life insurance policy linked to loans. This policy provides a life insurance cover on the outstanding loan amount so that your customers do not have to bear the burden of a loan in case unexpected events strike. This plan also has additional features such a joint life option, multiple premium payment options and hassle-free issuance on group platform.


  • MetLife Loan & Life Suraksha ensures
  • Provides competitive edge to your existing product portfolio
  • Increases loyalty due to additional protection
  • Reduces default risk due to a customer’s death
  • Allows you to maintain a long term relationship
  • Coverage Options - There are two coverage options available
  • Reducing Coverage Option: Suitable for mortgage, educational & auto loans
  • Level Coverage Option: Provides the same cover throughout the term of the policy
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