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Child Plans Bajaj Allianz Young Assure Plus Solution
This is an innovative solution, an innovative solution for building a child education corpus. This Solution is a combination of two policies of Bajaj Allianz Young Assure, a traditional participating regular and limited premium payment endowment plan with different policy terms, premium payment terms and/or cash installment options


  • Uninterrupted Income: Based on the age of your child you will get fixed policy terms to provision an uninterrupted flow of income during his/ her education years
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure continued coverage with inbuilt accidental permanent total disability and inbuilt waiver of premium incase of eventualities like untimely demise of parents
  • Meeting rising cost of education: Ensures that you save systematically to effectively meet the career aspirations of your child


  • The Maturity Benefit under this Solution is Guaranteed Maturity Benefit plus Guaranteed Additions plus Vested Bonus plus Interim Bonus, if any, plus Terminal Bonus, if any
  • Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (GMB) is the guaranteed amount which will decide the death benefit, maturity benefit and the surrender benefit
  • Guaranteed Additions (GA) is a % of the GMB and will be attached to the policy at GA the end of the policy term
  • Vested Bonus (VB) - is a % of GMB which will be attached to the policy every year starting from the first policy year
  • Terminal Bonus (TB) - is a % of GMB which will be attached to the policy every year on completion of 10 policy years and if policy is in-force
Minimum Entry Age: 18 years
Maximum Entry Age: 50 years
Minimum maturity Age: 28 years
Maximum Maturity Age: 55 years
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